Here’s 2 Quick ways to Optimize Your Fat Loss

What you eat-and what you don’t eat – in a large part determines whether you eventually become successful in your weight loss regime.
To most people, the struggle to lose weight is even more intense as we get older. However there are ways you can slightly alter your daily routine that will make fat loss both simple and rapid.
All diet plans and weight loss experts tell us that weight loss depends on two things: Calories taken in and calories burned. We are also told that it is not what you do in one day that will lead to fat loss, it is what you do in one week that makes the difference between weight gain and weight loss.
The key to successful endeavors is to make a plan and the stick with that plan. Most people have no problem making the plan. But it’s the ‘sticking to it’ that is the toughest. So make a plan that will easily fit into your current routine. Here are two quick easy ways to optimize you fat loss:

Chart a plan for weight loss
Taking steps to implement a food journal is key to seeing what you are consuming and burning in one full week. Tell yourself that on your first week, you will not change your habits. You will simply record your habits. Then, at the end of the week, take a look at how much you are actually eating. You will probably be astounded.
Remember, you must write down EVERY single bite or sip of whatever you drink for future fat loss efforts. There are many online food journals that will do this the calorie calculations for you. Also, write down any time you spend walking or exercising for fat loss exercise or just as your regular routine and then tally the calories you burned.

Continue this into your second week and there on out until it becomes second nature to keep a running total of calories consumed/burned in your head each day. Also, after a couple of weeks, you will know second-nature of your allowed calories for the day. Pretty soon, you won’t want to snack or graze because you don’t want to have to write it all down.

Easy work -out
It may interest you to know that a moderate walk lasting for 30 minutes burns over 130 calories? That is significant and can be done on your lunch hour or after work each evening. There is no escaping exercise, it is most necessary in weight loss. Walking is the most easy and effortless activity that can be done anywhere. There’s no need to join expensive gyms for fat loss or spend long hours sweating in aerobics classes. Vow to take a thirty minutes walk twice a day. The calories burned will often add up high enough to make up for one whole meal eaten that day. Be sure to log this exercise time into your food journal.
Diets are not necessary in fat loss nor are boring workout sessions. Choose to succeed and change your life today with these simple alterations to your daily routine. You will be both happier and healthier, not to mention having a slimmer smart body.

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